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Star Loans is a lending site or lender marketplace that works with a network of multiple direct lenders. With Star Loans you can apply for an Installment Loans up to $5000.

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What is an Online Installment Loans?

Basically, when you get an installment loan, you borrow a lump sum of money, then you pay it back over time in the form of monthly payments (installments). An online installment loan is just a loan that you can get online, without the hassle of having to visit a bank or other in-person lender.

An installment loans is a type of unsecured loan. This means you don’t need to put up collateral and the lender won’t make you prove that you can repay the loan before giving it to you. This makes it easier and faster to get than a lot of other loan types.

How do Installment Loans work?

If you need a loan, you find a financial institution that’s willing to lend you the money in the amount you need. Once you’re approved for the loan, your lender gives you the lump sum you’ve agreed upon. Then, you pay back that amount — plus interest — in regular installments. Usually, this payback comes in the form of a monthly payment you make. When all is said and done, you’ll pay back your loan in full plus any interest through these installments.

Best examples of Installment Loans

Now, let’s peek at some of the most common types of installment loans.

  • Payday Loans - A payday loan essentially gives you a way to get an advance on your paycheck. It’s a short-term loan, meaning you’ll pay it back quickly (e.g., within a couple of weeks). You can usually get a payday loan for roughly the amount of your next paycheck. You can use your payday loan for whatever you want. It most frequently comes with a fairly high interest rate. A payday loan is a type of unsecured loan. This means you don’t need to put up collateral and the lender won’t make you prove that you can repay the loan before giving it to you. This makes it easier and faster to get than a lot of other loan types.
  • Personal Loans - While other types of installment loans have to be used for certain things (an auto loan to buy a vehicle, a mortgage to buy a house), you can use a personal loan for whatever you want. Personal loans can be issued in larger amounts and with longer repayment periods than payday loans.
  • Auto Loans - This is the type of installment loan you get to buy a vehicle. You’ll probably get this loan through a bank or the auto dealership from which you purchase your car. Auto loans usually land on the low side of the interest scale.

Who is Star Loans?

Star Loans is a lending site or lender marketplace that works with a network of multiple lenders so you can search more than one at a time. This makes it easier for people to quickly find a installment loans and for lenders that might not be as well known as big commercial banks and creditors, to find borrowers to finance.

Another way to think about Star Loans is like an online store. Similar to how you might search on a website for a product based on criteria, you can search on Star Loans for a lender and the results you see will be based on information you provide.

Star Loans designed to help you meet your short-term borrowing needs. This is an expensive form of credit and is not intended to provide a solution for longer-term credit or other financial needs. Star Loans can provide you with installment loans online to meet your needs whenever they arise.

How to get an Installment Loans Online with Star Loans?

Applying for installment loans online is designed to be as simple as possible. Star Loans aims to provide fast decisions and more importantly, fast cash. The whole process can be completed online at any time during the day in just a matter of minutes.

You will need a few pieces of information ready such as your residence ID, your social security number, an email address, proof of age, proof of income and an active personal bank account. Having these ready will make your application go much smoother and you should receive a response quickly.

Star Loans will connected you to direct lenders in our network. Once your application is approved, you only need to sign the document online with an e-signature and the funds will be allocated to you as soon as the signature is received.

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Easy steps to take an Installment Loans

Star Loans is one of the top services in the industry that provides quick and easy cash. Since our applications and the entire process is readily available and done online 24/7, you can apply with us at any time. You can do this by filling up our application, where you have to state the purpose of taking the desired loan and provide the necessary documents.

  • Fill out the loan application form – Whether you apply online or in person, you’ll need to fill out an application with each lender. Make sure to have important personal information handy, including your banking info.

  • Receive and compare offers – Whenever you’re applying for a financial product, you should always compare different offers in order to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. Try to choose a lender with the lowest rates and fees.

  • Sign the agreement – Once you decide on a lender, you’ll have to sign the agreement before you can access the cash.

  • Finalize the application and send it. Look through the application file to see whether you’ve filled in everything you need. Before submitting, review the requirements from the lender, especially the ones that involve additional fees and penalties.

  • Wait for approval. Usually, you’ll get a response the same day and receive the funds within 24 hours. This allows borrowers to quickly resolve their monetary issues.

How do you increase your chances of getting an Online Installment Loans?

Installment loans can be extremely helpful and convenient but there are more concerning of this type of loan as below:

  • Makes sure you meet all eligibility requirements before applying - The first thing you will need to do when applying for an installment loans is to check the eligibility requirements beforehand. Having a quick look at the requirements before applying will give you a good indication of whether you will be accepted or not. If you are rejected, this could impact your credit score, so it’s best to be fully prepared.

  • Submit the correct information - Each lender will require different pieces of information from you so it’s important you submit everything they ask for. Not doing so will likely slow your application down so before you apply, spend some time checking what is needed.

  • Work on your credit score - While installment loans online are accepted for those with poor credit, your credit score is still important. If you have a good credit score, you will be seen as less of a risk to the lender. In response, the lender will likely offer you a better interest rate or a higher credit limit which will make the loan more affordable.

  • Meet affordability checks - Online Direct Lenders will typically want to look at your income to check you can afford the loan. As long as you have a regular income, you will likely be accepted. In some cases, you may be able to get a installment loans without a regular job, but this will be up to the lender.

  • Borrow what you need - It’s tempting to borrow as much as you can get accepted for but the best thing to do is to be conservative with the amount you need. Borrowing larger amounts than you need will increase your costs and take you longer to pay the balance down.

However Star Loans suggest to borrow small amount ex. $200, $300, $500 for online loans is more chance to approved. Each state has different limitations, but most states limit borrowers to a single payday loan outstanding.

Is Star Loans Legit?

Star Loans is a loan referral service that connects consumers with prospective lenders participating in our network. Star Loans is not a lender and does not make loans or credit decisions. We are not guarantee that any lender partner will offer you a loan or that any loan offer will contain any specific loan terms or conditions.

Is Star Loans a scam?

No. Star Loans has no interest in scamming you and will only share the contact information you provide with the lender you end up choosing to work with. It’s worth noting that, once you do find a lender, they will need to contact you to verify information in order for you to receive any funds. If you don’t end up with a lender, your data doesn’t go anywhere.

Is Star Loans service free?

Yes. Star Loans is a free to use lending site for borrowers to search for potential lenders. They don’t charge you a fee, however, the lender you work with might have fees as a part of their payment terms—be sure to check!

Is it possible to get an Installment Loans without a Job?

We understand that not everyone who applies for a loan is someone that is currently employed. If you do not have a place of work, you will be assessed based on your affordability, as lenders would need to determine if you are able to pay back the applied borrowed money. You will need to provide some proof of income, such as self-employed income, government assistance, retirement funds, pensions, regular finances covered by a partner, etc. Payday lenders are all different, but if you frequently receive a source of income, you will still most likely get approved.

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Laws and Regulations Concerning

Different states have different rules and regulations when it comes to cash advances, installment loans or payday loans. While these laws are usually put in place in order to protect consumers from predatory lenders, in many cases regulations are lax when it comes to high interest rates and fees.

Laws concerning cash advances may limit the maximum loan amount, maximum loan term length, finance charges, and interest rates. In some states, such as Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, New Mexico, and North Carolina, payday loans are prohibited entirely.

 If you find yourself needing some extra money, but your bank statement can’t feasibly handle it, short-term loans will help you. We’ll help you find the right lender that will make a positive difference in your financial situation. Get started today with Star Loans and receive cash today or next business day!